Mechanic - Road Weary Oral-Stimulation

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Descricao: I got a call from my straight, juvenile viking buddy LATE final night asking if this guy could stop by on his way home to the wifey after a 14 hour drive. I've not ever refused, so why would I begin now - ha-ha-ha! That Guy was packin a 3 day load but wasn't sure if this chab could receive off as tired as this chab was.. I love this kind of defiance ! When all else fails.. a nice prostate massage not quite always receives the nut (heartless grin). I had the settings wrong on the web camera and had to lighten the vid which made it kinda pale 'n grainy.. but no birds this time - lolz! Please let me/us know if ya still have a fun seein my juvenile man getting sucked off with your votes and comments. U ARE appreciated!